Who Does Triangle Public Strategies LLC Serve?

TPS LLC serves companies and nonprofit organizations public contracting/grantwriting, legislative advocacy programs, and development/financing programs.

TPS LLC becomes your public advocacy expert.  We learn your organization’s mission and fight for that mission through public grants, loans, and contract opportunities, TPS LLC assists with fundraising and legislative advocacy programs.

TPS LLC works with renewable energy firms, biotechnology, medical technology and manufacturing companies.    Our relationships are utilized to advocate, secure funding, and enact public policy changes for our clients.

TPS LLC serves Health Care and Life Science Organizations by identifying funding resources at the local, state, and federal level.  We are able to increase funding during any life cycle.

TPS LLC supports health and human service organizations with its fifteen years of experience in government relations, community relations, and development. TPS LLC is experienced in reviewing, analyzing, and advocating for public policy to improve health care delivery, training, and research.