Is  your business interested in pursuing public contracts and other opportunities?

Are you interested in pursuing SBA loans and programs?

Does your firm qualify for public grants?

Are you looking to expand and want to take advantage of state tax credits and incentive programs?

Are you in need of an advocate for a regulatory or legislative change?

Contact Triangle Public Strategies at office 919-747-9357

or cell 919-538-8856.

  • We assist in connecting your business to available resources.
  • We help your business in search of public opportunities.
  • We support your industry in terms of government relations/advocacy.

Below are several services we provide to assist your business.

Triangle Public Strategies LLC
Business Services Kit

Performing a Needs Assessment

Triangle Public Strategies LLC will meet with you to discuss your business/marketing plan and determine whether you should pursue public funding, grants, loans, and contracts.

Business Development Plan for Public Opportunities

Triangle Public Strategies LLC will assist in preparing the written materials needed to pursue public  opportunities at the local, state, and national level.    This will include at least three or four planning meetings to define the market and your “niche.”

One year Retainer for all follow-up calls, inquiries, and advice

Upon completion of your business/marketing plan, Triangle Public Strategies LLC will be available on call to your organization for one year.  This includes answering all phone calls and  inquiries.  Consultant will serve as an advisor, provide E-newsletters, and other updates in support of your marketing efforts.

Monthly retainer to seek public business opportunities

Triangle Public Strategies LLC will implement your public business/marketing plan.  TPS LLC will serve as the staff you are not able to hire full-time to perform this service.  This will include making contacts, establishing relationships, and building the network to identify opportunities.  We will complete required forms and paperwork, identify and respond to Requests for Proposals (RFP).

Monthly Advocacy Services

If it is determined your business needs Triangle Public Strategies to serve as a consultant in contacting public agencies and advocating for your business interests, this ongoing service will be provided.  Triangle Public Strategies will provide continued government relations/advocacy support. We will serve as the staff you are not able to hire full-time.  Monthly reports will be provided highlighting advocacy efforts