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Passing legislation to support your organization?

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We assist in connecting your projects to resources.

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Below are several options to help  jump start your efforts:

Triangle Public Strategies L.L.C.
Non-profit Service Kit

Idea (Brainstorming) Session

Triangle Public Strategies LLC will facilitate your board and/or committee meeting in a brainstorming session to discuss government relations, development, grantwriting, and other needed services.

Board Meeting (Two three-hour planning sessions)

Triangle Public Strategies LLC will facilitate two three-hour planning sessions to assist your Board in preparing a strategic plan including mission, objectives, and strategy. Written plan will be prepared for your organization to follow.

Fundraising Plan

Triangle Public Strategies LLC will facilitate your board and development committee in preparing a fundraising plan. This will include as many as three to four planning sessions. Written plan will be prepared for your organization to follow.

One-Year retainer for all phone calls and inquiries

Upon completion of strategic plan and/or development plan, Triangle Public Strategies LLC will be available on call to your organization for one year. This includes answering all phone calls and inquiries. Consultant will serve as an advisor, provide E-newsletter, and other updated information of benefit to your organization.

Monthly Program including government relations, development, and grantwriting services

Triangle Public Strategies will provide ongoing government relations, fundraising and grantwriting services to your nonprofit. We will serve as the staff you are not able to hire full-time. This includes advocacy at all levels of government, fundraising planning and implementation, and grantwriting.

Advocacy work will include monthly legislative reports, preparing public policy positions and materials, grassroots training activities for volunteers,  assisting organization in scheduling meetings with elected officials, and managing your Political Action Committee.

Development efforts will consist of preparing your annual fundraising plan, implementing and executing the plan, and assisting with organizational events/activities.

Grantwriting will include all grant preparation and writing.  Services will also include grant administration and compliance.